lonza specialty ingredients

The production of medicines or supplements, as well as other chemical substances, is, despite appearances, not so simple. When deciding to do so, it is important to ensure that the chosen production line, for example, meets all requirements and is therefore completely safe. If any contaminants find their way into our products, they may quickly become unsellable and can only be discarded.

Cleanliness of the production line first and foremost

Contrary to appearances, chemicals are very easy to contaminate. In this case, the production line itself should be properly prepared for such production, but it is also important to pay attention to, among other things, the ambient temperature as well as the humidity in the area. More and more production companies are applying for the relevant certificates, which prove that all work is carried out in accordance with current standards.

Lonza’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

It is very important to pay attention not only to the components from which the final products will be made. Also important in this case are the high-quality additives that will be included in the final product. It is very common in recent times for many production companies and laboratories to choose, among other things, Lonza specialty ingredients (you can read about it here: https://authena.io/partnership-with-lonza/). It is very important in this case to use only modern as well as fully safe solutions. Only in this way will the end result be satisfactory and, most importantly, the manufactured product will not have any contaminants. It is very important during the whole process in the company.

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