IOTA Price Prediction 2018-2020 | IOTA Price $30 In 2018

By alishujaadmin - 2017-12-05

Everyone wants to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin , Ethereum, Iota and also Ripple. There are a lot of currencies in world and everyday introduced a new currency in world. According to a study there are more than 250 digital currencies in the world. Everyone is searching for Iota price prediction 2018. Because people wants to invest in digital currencies.

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So What is the best digital currency to invest in at the moment?

According to our analysis and after a lot of research we have found that Ripple, Ethereum, and Iota are best to invest in 2018.

But which is actually best all of them, So it is Iota coin.

Actually Iota coin is best and hottest coin in world and if you want to invest or want to buy Iota coin the it is a good decision, because it is decentralized currency just like bitcoin. As you know after a lot of investment bitcoin price have been at its peak and people was investing in bitcoin are going to stop to invest in it. So investment in bitcoin is going very low due to high price of coin. So that’s why all big investors or digital currency miners want to invest in a new or another currency which is Iota.

Why not Ethereum ? Because Ethereum price also very high so before invest in Ethereum, investor will first think about iota coin. They will definitely buy Iota coin. So this is the reason Iota price prediction 2018 is very high and profitable for future investors or miners.

what is Iota price prediction 2018-2020 ?

Current price of Iota coin is more than $3.69. After deep analysis IOTA price prediction is that IOTA  will have more than $30 price at the end of the year 2018. Iota price prediction 2019 is 50$ and iota price prediction 2020 is 100$.

Iota price prediction 2018

Fig: Iota price prediction 2018

So all above discussed information based on a lot of data which we gather from many investors and market analyst. Moreover we have also done a lot of research and analysis so that we cna give your iota price prediction 2018-2020.

Please comment and tell if you want to invest in Iota and tell us your prediction about Iota price 2018.

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20 Responses to “IOTA Price Prediction 2018-2020 | IOTA Price $30 In 2018”

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  • Joe says:

    IOTA doesn’t use miners…

  • Jugi says:

    IOTA price prediction in 2018 35-40 USD

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  • Novotny says:

    Crap! I had many IOTAs, but their wallet does not work so I think that there is some error. IOTA’s future price is approx. 1-2 USD.

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