Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018

By alishujaadmin - 2017-12-16

There are a lot of coins coming daily in market. After research we have found that there were more than 1300 coin in December 2017. Question is which is best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 ? People are searching for which is suitable coin for them to invest and which coin can give them huge profit in short time or long time. Its all depends on investors.

Suppose if you are short term investor or long term investor. So its all about investor category. There are some coins which provide you huge profit in weeks but some coins are still struggling. There is not perfect coin to invest but we can found some best crypto 2018 so that we can invest in it.

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2018

There are top cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. We analyzed the market in depth and after deep analysis we have found these coins which are top cryptocurrency to invest in 2018.

1. Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash is very emerging  and fast growing coin in world.  Current price of Bitcoin cash is more than $1700. Actually price was $1000 in November 2017 but because growth of this was so fast that’s why it touched the peak of $1700 in December 2017.

Bitcoin cash

Fig: Bitcoin cash

Moreover capital of bitcoin cash is $30,229,648,763 which take it at top 3 cryptocurrencies. I mean to say that bitcoin cash is at number three in list of cryptocurrencies on the bases of its capital. Because capital is very strong that’s why interest of people/investors will also increase and it seems very safe coin due to it too.

This previous data shows that bitcoin cash is very fast growing coin and price increases more than 50% in a single month. Capital is also very huge instead of other 1300 coins. So these all points shows that it will go more up in future. If you want to invest in some high growing coin then bitcoin cash is it. It is best for short term investments.


IOTA is also very famous coin and mostly US people are interested to invest in this coin.  Current price of IOTA i s more than $3 which makes it more interesting for investors. Moreover capital of IOTA is more than $9,806,766,540.  On the bases of capital it falls in top 10 cryptocurrencies in world. So because capital is also big and price is very low that’s why it is very interesting coin. If you want to invest a little amount and want to gain 100% or more over a coin then it is IOTA coin.  IOTA is best for both short term of long term investment and we can say it is best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018.

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IOTA coin

Fig: IOTA coin

3. EOS

EOS current price is more than $8 and capital of EOS is $4,713,974,769. This coin falls in top 12 cryptocurrencies on the bases of capital and because price of coin is also very low that’s why you can gain 100% or more profit over this coin. Future price of EOS will definitely increase because of huge capital and strong interest of people. It is best for short term investment.

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EOS Coin

Fig: EOS Coin

4. Ripple

Last coin which suitable for long term investment. If you are a long term investor and want to gain huge profit with consistency then there is a coin for you. Yes it is Ripple coin.

Ripple capital is very high upto $29,595,118,358 but price is very low. Because many banks use ripple that’s why price is under control and optimized coins. But it is best for long term investment because of capital. Huge capital makes it famous in investors zone and price is also another reasons for investors to invest in. Current price of Ripple coin is less than a single dollar ( <$1). So investment in that coin is not risky much as other coins. So if you want to a safe coin which is less risky and low price then it is ripple coin. Ripple is best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 but you cannot say you will gain huge profit in 2018. I mean to say that 2018 is good investment year for ripple coin and in future you will gain profit out of it. May be in 2020 or 2022.

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Fig: ripple-coin


So there is no best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 and which is 100% safe and risk free. No coin can give you guarantee that it will grow in future. So all above discussions gives you an idea to think about coins and gives you some decent coins in which you can invest but how many investment for each or for how many time. These question you have to answer yourself. Because no one can give you time estimation for growth of coins. And no one can give you idea how many you should invest in all coins. So analyze some data yourself and get some help from above information and definitely you will get an idea after that about investment.

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